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Just imagine... step out of your pickup truck, push a button and the patented* electric/hydraulic motor automatically raises a fiberglass tonneau cover. Secure the weatherproof vinyl panels and in less than ten minutes you have a portable pickup camper that sleeps four comfortably.

The TopUp Camper provides up to 104 square feet (8' x 13') of living space with over 6 1/2 feet of headroom. The hydraulic fiberglass tonneau cover is perfect for fishing, hunting, boating or any other outdoor activity. Since it's self-contained you can tow a boat or trailer and still have a spacious camper.

The TopUp Camper can easily transform your pickup into a multi-use recreational vehicle and flexible workhorse!

Pickup TopUp Camper: Electric, Hydraulic Fiberglass Tonneau Cover and Pickup Camper

Flexible workhorse: Raise the patented* TopUp tonneau cover to any height and it provides protection for outdoor work. TopUp's contoured cover raises effortlessly to provide 6 1/2 feet of headroom, giving you a sheltered work area for outside projects and easy access from all sides.

Powered by an electric/hydraulic lift mechanism, the TopUp tonneau cover can be raised to any height to accomodate bulky loads, and with caution can even be driven with the cover raised.

For even more outdoor protection and work space, an optional awning will soon be available for the TopUp Camper.